The Project: “Creation of a Multidisciplinary Neuroscience Laboratory I+D+I (Health+ Communication+ Society+ Technology)”: has as purpose and priority objective of investigation in Neurology and Neuropsychology the use of “Neurocinema” techniques. 

Currently, we are working on the study of the addiction recovery techniques based on the 12 Steps methodology. We want to measure the behavior and the emotions by generating experiments with “Neurocinema”. Finally, we want to identify the elements and cerebral structures that generate empathy using technological artifacts with the HER (Human Emotion Recognition) system, EEGq (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) and fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance).

The empathy and emotional identification are manifested in diverse parts of the brain and the body. In this project we expect, as a result, to encourage the Empathy activation and its identification in diverse parts of the brain through the applied study of how the used methodology in free 12 Steps programs can fulfill the objective. 

The expected results consist in the aim to the addiction recovery through the use and creation of communicative immersive emotional and psychological products that will generate empathy and identification in the context of addiction recoveries and also with the teaching of non-addictive healthy habits. 

In relation with the scope that is attempted with this investigation, the samples of the individuals that are identified as addicts or recovered addicts will include men and women resident in Ecuador, in the provinces of Azuay and Loja; and, once the methodology is tested, try to procure to enlarge the experiment in a national level and contrast it with experiments made with international collaborators, in their respective regions, to conclude which are the common cerebral denominators of the empathy to the addiction recovery. The investigation already counts with the approval of the RNASV, Regulation National Agency and Sanitary Vigilance, memorandum Number. ARCSA-ARCSA-CGTDBTBPYP-2015-0088-M.


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General and Specific Objectives

Creation of a Neuroscience Laboratory of the Medical Science Faculty of the University of Cuenca.

To fulfill a development of the research activities, teaching, tutoring, and academic production with an institutional principle, generating a collaborative-cooperative interdisciplinary work (Medicine-Psychology)

To reinforce basic science areas to support the laboratory: histology, histo-chemistry, anatomy, dissection, staining, biology, molecular biology, and basic and clinic physiology

To reinforce basic sciences in Medicine Career curricula.

To initiate basic research procedural in Neuroscience.

To initiate applied research procedural, behavior neurobiology, neuroscience and learning, and sleep and learning.

To initiate clinical research procedural in other diseases and prevalent pathologies in the Ecuadorian community: cerebral paralysis, and neurodevelopment, dementia, Parkinson, ELA, epilepsy.

To develop new teaching and professional formation and perfectionism programs: Teaching Mastery, Neurology specialization, neuropsychology.

Our Activities